20. चाय 

राष्ट्रवाद के नाम की चाय में 

सांप्रदायिक अफीम मिलाई गई है 

बिना बताए सबको पिलाई गई है 

कल तक थी तिरंगे में लिपटी भारत माँ 

आज गेरुआ हिंदुस्तान हो गया 

कल तक थे जो ख़ान भाई अपने 

आज एक मुसलमान हो गया 


19. आंधी 

एक आधीँ चल रही है

बाहर और भीतर

बूदोँ के आसार है

बाहर और भीतर

कब तक एक ही घोँसले मेँ

दिन गुजारे कोई

अब समय है उड़ने का

सोचता हू इस आधीँ के साथ उड़ जाऊँ

क्या पता शायद जमाने से आगे निकल जाऊँ

18. Poems that never existed

He was a depressed man

in his mid-twenties

worked ten hours a day

lived alone, far from his family.

In his lonely room

he read some books

he wrote some poems

not many,

eighty to hundred maybe

concealed in a black notebook.

One day he died in an accident

his parents took his body home

the notebook was burnt

along with his body

All his poems

faded out of existence

along with him.

14. Monsters 

My ten year old sister
was afraid of a monster
living in her closet
There is no such thing, 
i lied
and kissed her good night. 

The monsters don’t live in closets, 
No more.

We who live in air conditioned rooms
cabinets full of costumes and perfumes
just living the dream
while the bombs keep falling
a mother weeps and children scream
families fleeing from their homes
with no where to sleep.

We who are full of self obsession 
hypnotised to our phones and television 
millions in currency stored
while poverty keeps killing 
people begging to the lord
killing each other
for a one time meal.

We who don’t care about the planet
the only home we have
We who put our faith first 
when we all are humans

We are the monsters.